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You have what it takes to live your best life – no one knows you better than you and I am here to help you remember that!


I am a walking poster child for self-healing. While battling cancer, going through menopause at 25 years old, later facing life in a wheelchair, as well as going through a divorce, I continued to receive answers from medical and psychological professionals that simply didn’t feel right. After a lot of soul searching, I made a decision to be proactive in my health and listen to my intuition. I began asking for help by looking within and getting clear with the direction I wanted my life to take. So many amazing people showed up for me at that time and I began to form my healing team, many of them I still work with today. However, my healing didn’t happen overnight; getting back on my path was a process that required resetting every element of my life – nutrition, relationships and career. 

There are many reasons we veer off of our personal paths but it should never be viewed as a roadblock; it’s simply a detour to get back on the right path towards your life purpose. Learning to understand and listen to your inner self and working through this discovery process often requires external support, and this is how I work with others – providing the gift of facilitating and validating your own healing journey through coaching, nutritional counseling, motivational speaking and more.


I am working on writing a children's book on the importance of nutrition...first take care of what you feed your mind and then focus on what to feed your mouth.

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