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At Cook Space, we hope  to create an environment where learning to cook is approached differently – where the focus is on learning by doing, using what you have, what’s in season and, most importantly, by experimenting. By letting go of recipes and letting your confidence and instincts take over - plain and simple. Though our Culinary Instructors are equipped with an arsenal of skills from their extensive backgrounds in professional kitchens and restaurants, our kitchen is no place for ego or intimidation. We are here to guide you, and to show you how to easily replicate restaurant techniques and mindsets at home, to help you cook from a place of confidence and instinct. Developing culinary confidence is about playing with the process, exploring ingredients, and deepening your understanding of food - building and coaxing flavor out of ingredients.  For us its not about adhering to recipes but rather letting go of them or using them as a guide or reference point.We believe that cooking is creative. It's an imaginative, joyful, and improvisational act that both grounds us and sets us free. We also believe that food isn’t a culture sport but rather a valuable life skill that is as personal as it is important.


∆  Cook Space offers a wide variety of classes and workshops to help cultivate curiosity and develop confidence in the kitchen. From our Flagship 5 week Culinary Confidence Series to our New Orleans Cuisine Class, we have something to tickle everyone’s taste buds. 

∆  We also offer our beautiful skylit studio for private events, from dinners to pop ups and intimate group culinary instruction. Please inquire for details and rates


After the bittersweet closing of Ted & Honey café and Parker Red culinary events, Michelle, one of the co-founders and sister to Ted, began developing a book idea and realized for her what was missing in the expansive and evolving world of food was certainly not interest – but confidence in the kitchen.  And that our culinary confidence had been hijacked by the culture of food, and that the missing ingredient wasn’t another recipe but rather a new mindset, and strategies used in professional kitchens were the key. Cook Space is the studio born from the book - inspiring our guests to prioritize and develop a relationship to food and cooking, develop a mindset for success, increase their confidence, skills, and JOY in the kitchen.
Created in a former widget warehouse in Prospects Heights, Brooklyn, Cook Space was imagined to be more than just a place to take cooking classes. Our intention is to create an environment where the act and art of cooking is dismantled, experienced, and celebrated - where mindsets are shifted and one’s experience with cooking is transformed.


We are dedicating our January 2018 calendar to a month of WELLNESS! For a body and soul reboot, check out our refreshing and rejuvenating courses such as Ayurvedic cooking and our Whole30 Workshops, outlined below.

Each week, we will hold a three hour workshop in our beautiful Prospect Heights studio, where students will get to prepare all their meals for the upcoming week as well as learning tips and tricks to add variety and vibrance to their meals as they navigate the Whole30 diet. Guests will leave with:

- 6 prepared breakfasts
- 6 prepared lunches
- 6 prepared dinners

Cook Space will provide Whole30 friendly nosh as you prepare your week's worth of meals and will offer up the best tips and training on how to make the most of your 30 day digestive reset. 

DATE | Each Sunday, beginning Sunday, January 7th
TIME | 2pm - 5pm

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