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Founder's Personal Story:

After a slew of demeaning & disempowering run-ins with the medical establishment during a catastrophic period of ill health in my teens teens, I realized that a patronizing doctor in a white lab coat was not going to hand me my health on a platter, and that I was going to have to give myself the radical education that I never received – that most of us never receive – on how to befriend the body, stop treating it like the enemy, and learn to respect, enshrine, and most of all, LISTEN to it.

I was drawn to approach radical self-care through a lens of plant teachers and alternative medicine, as they were the most natural extension of learning how to live consciously tethered to the rhythms of the body and the land. I became increasingly slack-jawed and elated to learn of the breadth of tools that existed beyond surgical intervention and pharmaceutical suppression. I went from hospitalization, my hair falling out in clumps, and struggling with a mysterious auto-immune condition, to rebuilding my body cell by cell in cauldron of mindfulness practices, nutrition, herbs, and acupuncture.

The gristle of my entire life since that crucial time has been a drive towards self-healing and self-reliance, and sharing this knowledge every way possible to encourage less dependence upon pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures.Whether it was through writing about DIY magic & medicine on the Botanarchy blog, growing and making my own herbal concoctions, or engaging in community activism, I have been committed to destroying the institutionalized lies our culture propagates about food, wellness, consciousness and the body.

This led me to study medicine, first in a clinic specializing in healing chronic illness through acupuncture and nutrition, then in pursuing a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

After managing a bustling functional medicine practice in the South Bay for ten years, I founded Botanarchy Herbs and Acupuncture with my partner William Ferguson in 2016 in a sweet little plant-drenched courtyard in West Hollywood, enshrouded in succulent tendrils, palm fronds, and light beams.

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