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Tehuacan, Puebla, México


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Experience a Conscious Awakening through the Wisdom and Ceremonies of Mexico´s Indigenous Tribes and Communities.


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Our organization intends to provide the visitor with a cultural transaction in the form of a first hand experience with the indigenous communities who have preserved their ancient traditions and kept their lineages alive despite modern challanges.

We have pared with local families and non profit organizations to create a unique platform that can break down any language or cultural barrier by providing a very personalized experience that speaks to the spiritual self present in every human being.

This is a promise of a transformative, higher conciousness and respectful journey.

You will have an interpreter whom is a major in Biology with vast experience in Environmental Education, Ethnobotany, Sustainability and Rural Sociology to accompany you and assist you during your travels. Every person involved in our organization has a close relationship with Mexico’s form of Shamanism and traditional medicine practices and ceremonials. The families selected to host your visits are the embodiment of an amazing lineage of Toltec and Mayan descent, custodians of invaluable knowledge forgotten by most but alive in it’s resilient children.

We will be creating new jobs for the people of Mexico’s high plateau and new perspectives for young people who have fallen in the cracks of a fragmented society, together we can help them hold high their most precious gift to our world…their amazing cultural heritage and values that sadly often go unrecognized or unappreciated by the new generations


Our intention is to bring forward the best version of every human being through the ancient wisdom of Mexico’s high plateau´s indigenous tribes and communities.
Through our retreats you may be exposed to amazing life realities of the People of the Sun.
From theirs cosmic vision, healing ceremonies, sustainable farming and harmonious living to their advanced spiritual practices.
Aligned with a special menu to help you vibe with the land and culture, reinvigorate your vital organs and help you reach your higher self.
Join us to embark on a spiritual journey of a Mexico unseen and untouched, where everyday
magic is still being practiced. A unique personal growth experience to reset, reconnect and expand your consciousness.


Next Retreat August 21st - 25th 2017 "A Toltec Way of Life" in Tehuacan, Puebla Mexico.

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