Ajai Alchemy


Venice Beach, California


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Therapeutic grade essential oils


Ajai honors your beauty and excellence with the highest quality, organic plant-honored therapeutics. 

Our organic alchemy has been specifically formulated to elevate the lifestyles of today's most health-conscious and awakened consumers.

The foundation of any product is its ingredients, and we believe in only using the best of the best to create high quality products that also deliver a luxurious, healthy beauty experience. 

Our intention is for our products to always work in synergy and harmony with your body, and we always are happy to share our ingredients with you. All ingredients are clearly labeled on the product and our website for your knowledge. 

We value the trust you place in our brand and our alchemy. Everything we do - from formulating our products to researching new ingredients to creating custom skin care and daily self-care practices for you - is done with your radiant happiness and health in mind. 

We do not believe in or support animal testing. We require all our ingredient suppliers to abide by this same principle. Animals are Beautiful.


Ajai (pronounced ah-jeh) is the Invincible One.

Royal. Magnificent. Powerful and complete.

Bold, independent, fierce, inquisitive.

Sensual. Nourished with decadence.

Ajai is you in your excellence. 

Each blend is blessed with the Ajai Alai sound current. 

The Ajai Alai mantra will give you great strength to overcome any obstacle, lifting you from negativity and re-aligning you with the Divine Vortex. Learn more

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